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Our Proud History

newcolourlogo200"The Nambucca River Co-operative Society Limited" was formed in 1903 as “The Nambucca Dairy Company Limited”, just a little before the formation of the “Bowraville Dairy Company” in 1905. That two dairy companies could find support in the one region is an indication of the extent of the industry in the Nambucca Valley in the late eighteen hundreds following initial settlement of the area by cedar getters.

Eventually, after almost fifty years of separate work, the two companies merged into "The Nambucca River Co-operative Society Limited", the name under which the society trades today.

The Nambucca Valley was one of the last places to be targeted by the cedar getters, mainly because the bar at the mouth of the Nambucca River was difficult to cross. The valley was similarly one of the last places where the cedar trade continued. Logs were traded out of the valley well beyond 1870, and in the meantime farmers pushed their way into the Nambucca Valley after the enactment of the Robertson Land Act of 1861, which allowed for the conditional purchase of land.
It was no easy life for farmers. The land needed to be cleared of forest by hand and horse, and initially planted with corn to feed both humans and livestock. Floods often destroyed crops, leaving farmers and their families without food, and in heavy debt.

The population in the valley grew, however, and timber mills came to the towns, bringing prosperity to themselves and sometimes their employees. The Nambucca River entrance became a busy port area and ocean going vessels often stopped.

Meanwhile, inland, despite difficulties for dairy herds with the local conditions, the industry began to grow, and horse-driven cream separators began to be used on some farms. Similarly, the introduction of paspalum grass, almost by accident at first, and then by deliberation after its ease of cultivation and suitability for the north coast of NSW was discovered, became a driving factor for the rapid growth of the dairy industry at the turn of the century.

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Foodworks Supermarket

Foodworks Supermarket is your local supplier of the freshest produce at market prices.

Weekly specials, discounts and benefits to members right here in the Nambucca Valley.

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Local Liquor

local liquor_rgb-200-flatLocal Liquor is a group of Independent liquor stores with over 200 convenient store locations within Australia.

The Nambucca River Cooperative Society Limited runs a Local Liquor outlet in the heart of Macksville.

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Local Liquor  



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